How to Fix Something Went Wrong Try Again Error in FaceApp

Applications are a great way to get rid of a truly amazing release in 2019, you can find an app for everything remind it to drink water, share your photos or learn a language. Most applications, such as WhopT, Prisma, Instream require an active internet connection to work fully, while some members give you access by paying money under the back of a subscription.

If you are one of the millions who are trying to find the old one, you know for sure that this is a Faceapp name. The application is really fun to try and the effects are like life. That’s what makes it a great area app. You can either be like a Hollywood Gentleman or be young – There are several filters you can try. The app is fun but it really bothers me when no work is done. Either the lost connectivity of the internet, the application crashes, or your phone’s battery is gone. Whatever the reason, there are some common fixes you and I have tried repeatedly.

If you live in India and are trying to fasp, you may have to face some errors. The app shows a frustrating sign that ‘something is wrong; Please try again. ‘Do not tilt, because this tutorial will help you solve all the common issues faced in the app. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in!

How to Fix Something Went Wrong Try Again Error in FaceApp

The solutions are very simple and you may need to download an additional application.

Method 1: Reinstall & Reboot

Well, this is a very assembly process. When an application is cheated or closed to work, we’ve done everything at any point of our life. Go to your recent apps menu and delete faceapp and relaunch it. Once it is cleaned out of your device’s RAM, the phone has to start the application again to give it a fresh launch.

If that doesn’t work, go to your device settings and search for apps. Click FaceApp, go to Storage, and clear Cache and Storage. Now go back and tap Force stop this way, the app will launch as it was installed a few seconds ago.

If that also doesn’t work, then uninstall the app and reboot your phone. Then download faceApp. If these options still don’t work for you, skip to the next step.

Method 2: Virtual Private Network

The virtual private network makes the internet a safe place to put restrictions on your ISP. Even in the case of Facebook, you can install a trusted VPN and go beyond the errors if they belong to your network. There are so many free VPN applications that provide you unlimited usage.

Choose a VPN service and download the app. Launch the VPN and tweak it to your liking. Select ‘United States’ as your server. You must wait a few seconds before connecting. After configuring and setting up the VPN completely, open FaceApp so you will not see any errors and you are free to try filters on the app.

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